Day 13: in progress…

In progress writing are sloppy and don’t make sense, yet…

Its possible the same can be said about completed. :S

Day 13:

I dreamed I was a travelling magician. From rolling hilled country town to forested village, I travelled. In each town, as the sun was setting I would set up my magic show in the village center, Because my reputation walked in front of me, when children heard the clicking of my laced up, pointed toe shoes on the cobble paths, they would flutter out and follow me. As I unfolded my folded card table, which I carried in one hand and placed a small make case carried in my other hand on the table, the children clamor and elbow to take a seat criss-cross applesauce as near to my knees as possible. I would only ever take quiet, attentive volunteers from the audience, and of course, they must shoot a straight arrowed arm in the air will seating on the edge of their bottom to be called on and selected as volunteers for my show. Everyone already knew that being selected as a show apprentice was the greatest and highest honor. They were so eager to be seated, selected and seen by the rest of the crowd as the best possible participant in a magic show that would  oooh and ahhh the crowd. their faces would go down in infamy and history has been the brighten and luckiest child. honor would From 6 PM to 7PM and from my suite.



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